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Research/Exhibition/international Travel for The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination [IB]


2018-19                 New York, Italy, Washington D.C

2014                       Kerala, Southern India, London, Brussels,

2013                       Southern India.

2012                       London, Dubai,

2011                       London, Dubai

2010                       London.

2009                       London,

2008-                     London,



SELECTED INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS in the Tapestry of Light Project Development

2018-19  Preparation research/International Residencies, USA / Italy                  

                  Exhibition and lecture, SACI Gallery, New York City, New York, USA                

                  Preparation research/Lecture series and floor talks, Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC. USA

2014       The Tapestry of Light; Lux, Lumen and Illumination: Dr. I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwaring, Emerita Professor M.P. Brown, Professor B. Muir. Dr Janet McKenzie.

2013       The Art and Science of Illumination: Tapestry of Light; intersections across the gulf; CI, Dr. I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwaring, Emerita Professor M. P. Brown, Professor B. 

                 Muir. Artist Residency, ‘Tasara Experimental Weaving’, Kerala, Southern India

                Tapestry Of Light, (Symposium RMIT Design Research Institute)

 2012      The Art and Science of Illumination: Tapestry of Light; Intersections Across the Gulf; CI, Dr. I. Barberis, Professor D.Mainwaring, Professor M. Brown, Professor B. Muir.(

                 exhibitions, publication: Apocalypse: Re Looking)

2011       The Art and Science of Illumination: Tapestry of Light; Intersections Across the Gulf; CI, Dr. I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwaring, (Presentation, Tashkeel Bastakiya)


Current Long Term Project: The Tapestry of Light: The Art and Science of Illumination and the Photon: In collaboration with Professor David Mainwaring, of RMIT University


The artworks/tapestry/Final installations known as “The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination”


Solo Exhibitions

2018        ...and then...,Transitions, Langford120, Melbourne
                  Psychochoreography: a confluence of thinking, Irene Barberis & Adrian L Page (curator I Barberis), Langford120, Melbourne
                  Who’s afraid…? /Wilma Tabacco, Ellipsis Gallery, Langford120, Melbourne

2017        The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium                   

                 The Tapestry Of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, UK

                 Wall Drawing –Langford120, Melbourne

2016         Re Forming the Line: blow, cut, melt, Langford120, Melbourne.
                  Illuminating configurations, The Bury Art Museum, United Kingdom.
2015        All I wanted was the cut space pinned to the wall, Langford120, Melbourne
                  Vision du Ciel, Langford120, Melbourne

2014       Lines of Thought #3 (Tapestry of Light/Threads)

                 Revelation /Apocalypse (including Tapestry of Light Installation) Visual Arts Centre, Latrobe University, Bendigo Victoria

2012       Apocalypse/ Re Looking 1996 – 2012.( Including Tapestry of Light© Installation) Langford120, Melbourne, Australia.

2011       “The Tapestry of Light; The Art & Science of Illumination and the Photon; an installation with Professor David Mainwaring, Gallery Tashkeel Bastakiya, Dubai & Sharjah UAE.

2009       Apocalypse: Seven Histories in Futures, (Including Tapestry of Light© Installation), Curator Kevin Wilson, International Arc Biennale, Brisbane, 2009

                  Apocalypse: Room of Light, (Tapestry of Light© Installation) SOAG RMIT University, Melbourne

                  Tapestry of Light©, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

2007         Lux In Tenebris Lucet: with Godwin Bradbeer, SOAG, RMIT University, Melbourne.






                The Tapestry of Light©:  Symposium, RMIT Design Research Institute.

                Design Research Institute, RMIT University  - Universities involved; Dr. Irene Barberis RMIT University, Professor David Mainwaring (Swinburne University), Emerita Professor

                Michelle. P. Brown (University of London), Professor Bernard Muir (Newman College University, University of Melbourne) Dr Janet McKenzie (The University of Dundee)


Group Exhibitions

2018        AbstractionTwentyEighteen, Langford120, Melbourne
2017        Chromatopia: A history of Colour, Tacit Gallery, Melbourne
                 Contemporary Australian Drawing #7 + Four Drawings: Barberis, Bradbeer, Southall and Tabacco

2015       ’Materials” RMIT Design Research Institute,  Hub& Gallery, Melbourne

                  Psychochoreography; concentric wall drawing, 2014, Contemporary Australian Drawing#5: Facsimiles, SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy

2013       ‘Deep Practice” ,Convergence exhibition” RMIT Design Research Institute Hub & Gallery, Melbourne

2010       Speculum: Drawing Time: Metasenta Hong Kong, Hong Kong

                 Speculum: Drawing Time, Barberis, Farthing, Lydiat, Trehy, The DrawingSpace (a Metasenta Project) American University in Dubai.

2007       Small Tapestries, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia


Specific Grants and in kind University Sponsorship


2015       Tapestry of Light © DRI TOL Studio/9th Floor.                

2014       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL Studio/9th Floor

2013       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL/9th Floor/TOL Symposium (In Kind Grant Approx. ($9,000)

2012       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL/9th Floor, DRI Process Development Grant ( $10,000)

2010/11  Process Grant, RMIT/DRI ($10,000)

2009       RMIT University, Design Research Institute Grant: Tapestry of Light: history into Futures

                  Funding; Metasenta Pty. Ltd® (Approx. $10,000)


Lectures on the Tapestry of Light


2017        Keynote Address, Tapestry of Light Project, RMIT University, Melbourne (Tapestry of Light in Europe)

2013       Symposium RMIT DRI The Tapestry of Light, Intersections Across the Gulf; Lux Lumen, & Illumination©

                 Reading the Apocalypse : Reading the Church : two Roman Churches, Rome, June

2012        Apocalypse: Re-looking; Tapestry of Light Project, Langford120 Lecture

2011        Tapestry of Light presentation, Lecture, Tapestry of Light: Intersections Across the Gulf, Tashkeel BastakIya Dubai, UAE.

2008       Apocalypse – Tapestry of Light, Artists Talk, VTW, Melbourne


Publications 2000 - 2016


2016/19  Barberis, I. 2016, Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, with Michelle. P. Brown (UK),

                  David E. Mainwaring (Aust) W Tabacco (Aust), J McKenzie (UK), Museum of the Bible, USA

2016        The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Thames & Hudson 2016 (in Process).

2013        RMIT Design Research Institute, Designs on the Future, Converge, Collaborate, Create -2008 – 2013, Melbourne Books.

2013/15  Tapestry of Light Handbook: ed J McKenzie, I. Barberis, D Mainwaring, Michelle. P. Brown, B. Muir, 2013-2015, printed Metasenta Small Book Publications 2015)

                  Metasenta: An Artists view; a new Paradigm in Art Education© including Tibet: Moving Cultures, The Tapestry of Light Thames & Hudson (2015/2016)

2012        Apocalypse: Re Looking, Feminale and the edge of logic, Ed. J McKenzie, Melbourne, 2012.

                  Contemporary Australian Drawing# 1, Collaboration; Palgrave Macmillan Publishing and Metasenta ® Pty.Ltd,

2000       Research: Revelation Apocalypse. Introduction by Dr. Michelle Brown, Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts, The

                  British Library, London, Texts: Anna Clabburn, Suzi Gablick, Macmillan Art Publishing, Melbourne 2000



Reviews, Press & Web Representation 


2014       Studio International, Revelation/Apocalypse VAC Bendigo/Latrobe University                                                               


2012       The Apocalypse: Re Looking 

2011       The Age/reviews and articles (to be updated)

2010 for Metasenta Articles and web presence.


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2007      Dr. Janet Mackenzie, 'Apocalypse in Pink: The Work of Irene Barberis', Studio International, 26 March 2007,

               New York, London. USA, accessed 24/07/2008

               Felix Just, s.Jl, Ph.D., 'Some Books with collections of Apocalyptic Art' in Art, Images, Music and Materials related to the Book of Revelation, Catholic Resources, accessed


2005     Art Almanac, 'Victorian Tapestry Workshop: The Big Small Tapestry Show' Dec 05 / Jan 06 Issue, accessed




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