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Participate - 2016

To participate in this project as a donor please donate through the Australian Cultural Fund page:




We are currently requesting funding for Stage Two of the Tapestry. For more information click through to the Australian Cultural Fund page. 

All donations have DGR status and all donors and donor businesses will receive invitations to Australian and international events, and be recorded in the major Thames & Hudson publication.


Thank you for your support.

Specific Grants and In Kind University and research Sponsorship 

2015    Full research and In Kind support for the art, science and scholarship of                              the Tapestry of Light Project 2007- 2015    -  $179,000


Specific University Grants to the Tapestry of Light Project: 

2015       Tapestry of Light © Design Research InstituteI TOL Studio/9th Floor. (In Kind)   2014       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL Studio/9th Floor (In Kind Accomodation)

2013       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL/9th Floor/TOL Symposium  (In Kind Grant                                 Approx. ($9,000)

2012       Tapestry of Light© DRI TOL/9th Floor, DRI Process Development Grant                                   ($10,000)

2010/11  DRI Process Grant, RMIT/DRI ($10,000)

2009        RMIT University, Design Research Institute Grant: Tapestry of Light:                                      history into Futures

                 Funding; Metasenta Pty. Ltd® (Approx. $10,000)

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